about us


spoon is a weekly meal delivery service designed to make eating healthy and living your life as simple and balanced as possible. as babies we were fed by our parents…mostly with a spoon. we didn’t have to decide when and what we ate, all we had to do was sit there and eat it. at spoon, we wanted to create a healthy meal delivery service based around this concept. you work hard enough in the office, at home and in the gym, so let us “spoon feed” you your meals.


what are your goals?

we designed our meal plans to make it easy for you to stay on track with whatever your goals are. you can order as many meals as you need on a weekly basis (feel free to mix them up), there is no subscription. simply plan your week in advance, and order what you need by Wednesday at midnight.

lean meals

lean meals offer you a lower calorie, lighter, meal option. we cut back on the carbs by doubling the amount of veggies we serve with protein. perfect for a weight loss program or just a lighter meal.

balanced meals

balanced meals are designed to help you understand what a perfect meal looks like - protein, carbs and veggies. no matter what your goals are, balanced meals are perfect for your everyday.

bulk meals

bulk meals are protein dense. there will be little or no veggies served with these meals. we created this meal option to provide high protein and low carbs, perfect for building muscle or keto friendly diets.

live life, balanced!

with simple, balanced meals from fresh ingredients - great nutrition is one less thing that you have to worry about.




Damian has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He has been in roles ranging from personal training to sales to fitness studio management and ownership. He is passionate about taking his experience and own personal struggles to help and inspire people to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Damian has a Marketing degree from Thomas Jefferson University, but found a passion for fitness in college when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After months of feeling sick and searching for answers and ways to control the disease, he was fed up and broke. He talked with his doctors and started a strict diet and exercise regime. After a few years of relentless dedication to proper nutrition and a solid gym routine, he was able to gain 40 pounds and stop all medication. Working out and eating right became part of his daily routine and healthy lifestyle.

Damian uses this same relentless dedication when it comes to helping others achieve their goals. Spoon is just one aspect of that. Nutrition is 80% of the battle to seeing the results you want. Spoon’s healthy meal delivery service allows you to work hard on the millions of other things in your life while we help you take care of the 80%. We understand the struggles of “dieting” and want to make it as easy, fun and affordable for you to achieve the results you desire.


With 25 years of catering experience, Mark and his wife, Karen, cook one-of-a-kind, from scratch, healthy, well balanced meals that you can heat and eat. They are caterers by training, and their passion is to make the best tasting food they can while staying within a healthy caloric range, so that you can stay on track and reach your personal goals. Mark and Karen are passionate about food. They take great pride in using quality ingredients and seasoning the food with fresh herbs and lots of love. They believe if you aren’t satisfied with your food you won’t succeed, and if that happens, then they aren’t doing their job.